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How to Start Collecting Rare Currencies

William Youngerman is a Boca Raton coin and currency dealer who can help any new collectors find their niche. Those who enjoy history and the thought of owning a once daily used artifact will want to get into the rare coins dealer’s trade.


The Rare Coin Collecting Process:


  • Starting A Collection
  • The Niche
  • Numismatics
  • New Hobby


Starting a Collection

Rare coins are not something to invest in for profit. They do not typically gain value faster than inflation. They can yield a profit but may it take time. A keen collector will be able to tell which coins are a good investment and which are not. Coins with a historical significance that are in good condition tend to be more valuable. Currency and coins that have an earlier serial number in the mint are valuable as well. Having the full collection of coins increases their value as well.


Coins minted improperly are also naturally rare. In the Batman series, Two-Face’s double-sided coin served as an overly sentimental decision-making-tool which often foiled his plans. Rare currency collection is a good hobby, but someone with the intent of profit may not want to invest too much on a coin flip.


The Niche

Finding a niche can personalize collecting rare currencies. One may pursue all types of coins from when the Spanish armada occupied Florida. Getting ahold of a full collection may be more difficult. There is a rewarding feeling in finding that last coin and cheaper than collecting indiscriminately. Once a full collection is obtained, all individual coins become more valuable as part of the set.



Rare coin collection is a vivid display of how our values can differ from one another. In the study or collection of currency, numismatics, an object’s value can be measured in multiple ways. Legal or face value of a currency is defined by its printed label. A government asserts by law that a $5 bill is worth the same as 5 $1 bills. The market value of a currency is how much others are willing to pay for that object. This is the same as the legal value if the currency is still readily available and in circulation.


The intrinsic value of a coin is the market value of the metal which constitutes the coin. Paper currencies have almost no materially intrinsic value, but quarters and dimes produced before 1964 will carry more weight in silver material than their advertised value.


Pre-1929 U.S. paper money was 50% larger in size and had more intricate designs. The fifty-five dollar continental issued in 1779 features a picture of the sun beaming red rays on a plain while the border is intricately woven with patterns.


New Hobby

Getting into rare coin investment is not only for the lavishly rich. Currencies are always changing and new ones come into circulation and some have recently gone out of circulation. This allows newcomers to get involved with modern collections before they become a rarity. Distinguishing rare coins from fake or similar coins takes some experience and can become a skill when browsing collections.


For those needing an expert coin appraisal, contact William Youngerman. As one of the best rare coin dealers in Boca Raton, we can ensure a good start to any collectors journey. Call now at 1-800-327-5010 or visit

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