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William Youngerman Inc, the Name That Has Meant Gold Since 1967
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Buy & Sell Gold in Boca Raton

Prior to buying gold and silver in Boca Raton, you should educate yourself about the bullion industry. It can be a great way for you to invest your own money, but it works best when you know what you are getting yourself into and committing to.

Facts About Buying And Selling Boca Raton Coins

Before buying gold or silver, it’s helpful to have some background information on bullion.

Pure Gold is Very Different from Paper Gold

There’s no denying that investing in paper gold, or gold stocks and shares, can be valuable. However, it should be made clear that value is different between truly pure physical gold bullion and paper gold. A major reason for the value of true gold is the fact that it is a resource which will remain valuable in the event of a market, banking or monetary dwindle. This is not the same as paper gold because, in the event of this type of money dis-structure, there is a chance that paper gold investors may never see the gold that was promised.

Gold is a Useful Commodity

Gold is a known commodity in Boca Raton, and it has been valuable all throughout the world for thousands of years. Placed on a high pedestal, gold has been recognized at a high worth as well as a symbol of success and fortune. Unknown to most, gold is actually one of the rarest natural resources on the planet. Since gold was first mined, there have only been approximately 150,000 tons of gold ever produced.

Buying Boca Raton Coins is a Solid Investment

Before you even consider the idea of trading or buying gold and silver in Boca Raton, it is in your best interest to truly understand the investment you are making. When you own gold or silver, you don’t make the profit while you possess it. The value doesn’t get interest, which can be a good thing come tax season. The idea of the investment in gold or silver bullion is that you profit when the items are sold, although the worth can increase while you are holding onto it.

William Youngerman’s Gold Dealer Services in Boca Raton

U.S. Gold Coins: Our highly established location will sell and buy just about any U.S. gold coins in Boca Raton that are sought after by collectors and investors alike. Some of the numerous U.S. gold coins that we sell in Boca Raton are the $20 Gold Liberty, $10 Gold Liberty, and other rare gold coins in the denominations of $1, $2.5, $3, $5, $10 and $20. Visit our U.S. Gold Coins section for more information or call our experts today at 1-800-327-5010. Our Boca Raton coin dealers will give you the best value.

Gold Bullion: If you’re looking to sell or buy even the highest purity of gold bars and bullion in Boca Raton, William Youngerman is your #1 source. The Engelhard Gold 1 oz. bars, 10 oz. bars and 1-kilogram bars of .9999 purity is what we stock. Call us today for pricing or to get an appraisal for your gold bullion in Boca Raton. We are the go-to place for any all services pertaining to gold bullion in Boca Raton.

Gold Jewelry: Want to sell your high-end gold jewelry in Boca Raton? Or maybe you’re more interested in adding to your growing collection? Our gold jewelry collection of obscure pocket watches will for sure entice you to come by our location. We have a near-endless array of gold jewelry in Boca Raton for you to browse through. Rolex and Philippe Skymoon Celestial Watch top our inventory along with other rare timepieces.

World Gold Coins: Being one of the most sought after and trusted gold dealers in Boca Raton and in the U.S., it allows William Youngerman to buy and sell an enormous range of World Gold CoinsWe buy and sell a plethora of Australian gold coinsgold coins from BelgiumCanadian gold coinsCuban gold coinsColombian gold coins and more! You can find the absolute best gold coins in Boca Raton when you choose William Youngerman.


As with anything that involves time and money, there’s always a process involved. This process needs to be thoroughly reviewed before you or anyone else with enough capital can go out and buy gold bullion in Boca Raton. Typically, only the top investors and traders know how to maximize their profits and lower their risk exposure. To be informed of this, continue reading below. We’ve compiled a small guide for buying and selling gold bullion in Boca Raton.


Before you go off buying or selling gold bullion, you will need the professional assistance of an expert broker who can help with the sales and purchases. Fortunately, there are plenty of online trading platforms that are meant to deal in the handling of precious metals that are streamlined and automated. Whenever you’re in need of a broker, make sure that you do the proper research. It is imperative that the brokerage is reputable and demonstrates a good track record of protecting their users’ private information.


After you choose the right broker, the amount of information that is given can be broken down into news and charts. Gather all the best news to create charts about gold in order to create trade strategies for investors who make informed decisions. In turn, buying and selling these metals will ensure profits are made.

Real-time charts on the price of gold and numerous indicators go hand and hand when identifying the perfect price for buying or selling gold. Making an informed trading or investment decision is key. Utilizing indicators, for instance, volume, moving averages, and relative strength index will show and explain the price of a commodity and where it is going.

Trading/Investment Strategy

Once you find a reliable source of information for gold bullion, developing an informative investment or trading strategy should help determine the optimal price. This will help with knowing what the price of gold should be purchased and sold at. Gold bullion will only hold or increase its value the longer you hold onto it. It will never decrease. You can use this to your advantage.

Having an investment or trading strategy in place is essential. This allows for the elimination of any emotional triggers when they notice the price of gold slightly fluctuates. Once people see the fluctuation, most people impulsively react by buying and selling off their gold bullion. These emotional reactions can have conflicting effects on both good and bad decisions. Both strategies are imperative to have and keep in mind when buying and selling these precious metals.

Buying Boca Raton Coins from William Youngerman

When you are looking to sell or buy gold and silver coins or bullion in Boca Raton, then the best place to turn is to William Youngerman, who has been involved in the purchase, trade, and sale of bullion, coins and more.

If you are ready to purchase gold and silver in Boca, then you can depend on William Youngerman because all bullion is stocked and ready for sale by delivery. With William Youngerman, you can find out the worth of your gold, silver bullion, collectible coins, and more or purchase some at the best value on the market!