Where to Buy Gold in South Florida: William Youngerman Inc.

Thinking about Buying gold in South Florida? Especially during turbulent economic conditions, purchasing gold can provide added stability and structure to your financial portfolio. Investment analysts often recommend the purchase of gold as a way of offsetting potential losses from other types of investments. At William Youngerman Inc., we buy and sell precious metals including … Continue reading Where to Buy Gold in South Florida: William Youngerman Inc.

Investing in Precious Metals: a Beginner’s Guide

Investing in precious metals can be both a very interesting and intimidating hobby. The pastime itself carries the potential to benefit investors. And for experienced investors, especially, understanding the precious metal market isn’t difficult. For newcomers, however, it can be daunting. Even thinking about investing in precious metals is enough to turn an interested individual … Continue reading Investing in Precious Metals: a Beginner’s Guide 

Most Valuable Gold Coins in William Youngerman’s Inventory

Around the mid 18th century, coin collecting had started as a newfound hobby that few enthusiasts participated in. Today, it’s become one of America’s favorite pastimes and it’s practiced by countless individuals. And if you happen to be one of them, you might find yourself having a pretty hefty collection. But if you’re willing to … Continue reading Most Valuable Gold Coins in William Youngerman’s Inventory

Why Invest in Gold?

It seems like a pretty obvious answer and straightforward answer: because gold is highly valuable. You’ve been told by many that gold is one of the greatest investments you could ever make – that you won’t ever regret purchasing and holding onto gold. But have you ever wondered why that’s so? Have you ever wondered … Continue reading Why Invest in Gold?

The History of Platinum

Platinum has become one of the most highly sought after precious metals in the whole world. It’s so sought after, in fact, that it’s a close runner up to the value of gold. Its high-value potential has made it a great tool for investors to purchase and resell in order to earn a tremendous investment. … Continue reading The History of Platinum

Coin Collecting With William Youngerman

Coin collecting has been a popular activity that’s been prevalent for many ages and today, it still continues to be a common hobby. With many now starting their own coin collection, chances are, you might know someone who’s collecting coins. Or, you yourself might even be a coin collector or are just starting out becoming … Continue reading Coin Collecting With William Youngerman

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