PROFESSIONAL COIN DEALERS BOCA RATON: Our years of experience can provide answers you may not have considered and there is never any cost or obligation. We can help with professional advice and a few suggestions whether you’re considering ancients, U.S., and/or World gold.

COMPETITIVE BUYING: We are just as interested in buying coins as we are in selling them and have been competitive buyers of all coins for nearly 50 years. Whether you have a million dollar collection, an accumulation, a group of inexpensive coins, or estate gold or diamond jewelry we are interested and payment is always done immediately.

MARKET INSIGHT: How many times have you thought about a particular coin and wondered if that coin was right for you? Or perhaps you wanted more information about price history or profit potential. Is the market in general heading up, moving sideways or falling? Are you getting the best coin or are there better choices? So if you are considering buying from us or anyone else and want our analysis, pick up the phone because we are here to help with friendly answers.

AUTHENTICATION SERVICES: Not sure if you have a coin or piece of currency that’s real or valuable? With nearly 50 years in business we will be able to tell you if it’s real, how much it’s worth, and more than likely offer to buy it on the spot.

AUCTION CONSULTING: We have the reputation and ability to represent you at auctions enabling you to purchase an otherwise hard to obtain coin or collection.

FREE APPRAISALS: We welcome questions you may have concerning coins or banknotes. It makes no difference where you purchased the material. We also buy all coins, banknotes and Gold and Diamond jewelry and can provide a free appraisal in a short period of time sometimes right over the phone. We also offer estate appraisals to attorneys, banks, and individuals.




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United States Gold Eagle

Call for Pricing
  • Product Origin: United States of America
  • Product Metal: Gold
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Quincy, Florida 1902 PB $10 PMG 25 VF

  • Product State: Florida
  • Product Denomination: $10
  • Product Town: Quincy
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