All About Rare Cuban Coins
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All About Rare Cuban Coins

Cuba is a country with a fascinating history that can be remembered through Cuban gold coins for sale at William Youngman Inc. The limited access, the rest of the world has had to this nation, makes some of its older currency extremely rare. Interestingly enough, Cuba is one of the few nations that has 2 different currencies circulating. The Cuban peso is the older and more collectible currency, but the Cuban Convertible Pesos are also used. Let’s dive deeper into the history of some rare Cuban gold coins and silver coins.

Brief History of Cuban Coins

When they were first in production, the first Cuban coins were actually those under the Spanish Empire. They were based around the 8 Reale piece, also known as the Spanish Dollar until 1857 when the production of pesos that were specific to Cuba was finally introduced. The peso was pegged to the US Dollar at Par back in 1881. But, it wasn’t until 1915 that Cuban coins were first struck. During this time, coins of cupro-nickel 1, 2, and 5 centavos were issued along with silver 10,20, and 40 centavos were issued. In 1934, silver pesos were introduced and the last in silver circulation issues had been struck in 1953. Now in the modern age, coins of 1, 2, 5, and 20 centavos and 1 and 3 pesos are issued for circulation.

As of today, Cuba has two official currencies. The most commonly used one in circulation by the Cuban population is the National Peso. But if you happen to be visiting, then you may be relying on the Convertible Peso instead. The latter currency is equivalent to the national one, but its worth is 24-25/1. The Convertible Peso is issued in 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 Centavos and 1 Peso.

The Most Valuable Cuban Coins

There are quite a few Cuban gold coins, Cuban Peso coins, and Cuban silver coins that hold much value. However, if you ever happen to be in possession of the following coins, you may find yourself amongst the luckiest people in the world.

1897 Cuban Silver 1 Peso Souvenir Coin

In 1897, Cuba was fighting a war against Spain for its freedom. The small country struggled to fund the war efforts, so they issued souvenir coins to the United States as an effort to raise funds. When Cuba gained its independence and the republic was founded, this coin was accepted as currency because of what it represented. Under 10,000 of this coins were created and today they can be worth hundreds of dollars in the right condition. The coin has a bust of Lady Liberty modeled by Leonor Molina on one side and the Cuban Coat of Arms on the other side. This silver coin is a must have for any Cuban numismatic.

These certain Cuban American rare coins are particularly recognized for their high value. And this isn’t only because there are under 10,000 of these coins in existence. If you were to look closely at these coins, the initials MJP are engraved on the portrait of Leonor Molina. It’s not determined whose initials those were but they are unique as they are not seen on other Cuban coins.

This 1-of-a-kind coin holds a rich history that correlates with the first successful Cuban Revolution, which is why it belongs in the category of Cuban silver coins of high value.

1898 Cuban Silver 1 Peso Coin

Identical to the 1897 Cuban coin, the 1898 version was also created to raise funds for the continuing war against Spain. The coin has the same face of Leonor Molin and Cuban Coat of Arms pressed into it. However, this coin is not treated as a souvenir coin or medallion. And this is due to the fact that after the Republic was founded, this coin was accepted in recognition of the faith and economic sacrifices of those that bought it. If you were to have one of these Cuban Peso coins in mint condition, it could be worth almost $2,000 dollars.


1915 Cuban Pesos

1915 was an important year for Cuban numismatics because it was the year that Cuban started minting coins. Available in both gold and silver, there are 1915 pesos in the existence of multiple different face values. Because these coins are over 100 years old, it is difficult to find them in top condition. Although silver versions of this coin can be found for under $200 depending on the condition, the gold versions are much rarer and much more valuable. 1915 Cuban 1 pesos gold coin can be worth several hundred to thousands of dollars.

1983 Cuban 1 Peso Coin

The 1983 Cuban 1 peso has a spiny lobster depicted on one side and the Cuban Coat of Arms on the other. This coin was issued for the World Fisheries Conference along with many other countries. This peso is uncirculated and there were only 5,000 pieces minted. This coin is not just a great find for Cuban coin collections, but also for collections featuring animals or sea creatures.

1984 Cuban 1 Peso Castle Morro Coin

Some Cuban coins are particularly rare in America due to laws making it illegal to import them into the states. The 1984 Castle Morro 1 peso coin is a perfect example of this. The coin is low mintage, uncirculated, and currently illegal to import to America. The coin is a treasure for Cuban numismatists or people with castle-themed collections. Hopefully, with communications opening between the US and Cuba, these 3-decade old coins will soon be allowed in the states.

These Cuban Peso coins were produced with an image of the Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro (Castle of Morro’s 3 Wise Men), a military building that’s positioned on the northern point of the entrance to Havana Bay. The name of this historic Cuban landmark was derived from the 3 Wise Men that visited Jesus’ birth.

1995 Rare 10 Pesos Pattern Set

In 1995, Cuba minted 100 sets of Pattern Crowns of 10 Pesos. These sets were to commemorate the centenary of Jose Marti’s birth. Marti was an active figure in the war for Cuba’s freedom and an important part of the country’s history. These coins are struck in a variety of metals including sterling Silver, cupronickel, aluminum, brass, gold plated alloy, copper, and tri-metallic. Being that there were only 100 of these sets created, they are highly collectible and a prize for a passionate Cuban numismatist.


Cuba is a small country in the Caribbean with a unique history. From rare gold coins like a 1915 Peso to pattern sets like the 1995 10 pesos, there is a lot to collect. Most of the collectible Cuban coins are the ones created prior to 1959, but there are noteworthy coins made following that year. Rare Cuban coins for sale are not just for collectors, they would also make a great present for someone who lived or is passionate about Cuba’s past.

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