Investing In Gold Vs Paper Money


When it comes to investing in gold vs. paper money, there are many factors to consider. The knowledgeable professionals at William Youngerman help clients diversify their portfolios of gold, silver, rare coins and collectibles.

Buying and selling gold can provide a means of holding value in times of economic downturn. Investing in paper currency can offer flexibility and familiarity.

Buying And Selling Gold

For centuries, gold has been seen as an asset with true inherent value. Due to its scarcity, gold has preserved its purchasing power and demand over long periods of time. This has also allowed gold to maintain its stability through fluctuating interests rates across global economies.

Gold is typically used as a tool for diversification in investment portfolios. This precious metal also acts as a hedge against inflation. Investing in gold can provide long-term stability and efficiency for storing wealth.

Investing In Paper Money

One of the benefits of paper money is that it is flexible. If there is a future investment opportunity, cash is more readily available for an exchange, allowing investors to take an immediate advantage.

The downside to investing in paper currency is that it can be an uncertain and at times volatile asset. Paper currency can be devalued overnight due to its availability and the constant printing of more notes. This fact alone has decreased the purchasing power of paper currency over the years.

There are many benefits to investing in gold and paper currencies. Nowadays, many investors chose to safeguard their wealth and investments with reserves of both cash and gold. At William Youngerman, we provide opportunities to invest in both gold and paper money. Our knowledgeable staff specializes in buying and selling gold along with fiat currency like coins and paper money. If you are looking to invest in either gold or paper or both, then call the experts at William Youngerman at 800-327-5010.

Is Gold A Good Investment?


As people are looking for concrete ways to invest, the age-old question comes up: is gold a good investment in today’s economy? The professionals at William Youngerman have been helping individuals buy and sell gold for over 50 years. Gold is a solid, tangible, long-term asset that has traditionally maintained its value throughout the years. Buying and selling gold coins, bars and bullion is still a popular and steadfast way of investing in the gold market.

A Brief History Of Gold


The use of gold started with the Egyptians who would use it to make jewelry. Then came the creation of gold coins stamped with a seal and used as currency in 560 BC. Eventually, gold became a symbol of wealth throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Many countries used gold or silver to back their currencies. In the 1900s, gold was eventually transitioned out of the monetary system.

Why Is Gold A Good Investment


Even though gold is no longer involved in everyday monetary transactions, it is still important to the global economy. Gold has held its value throughout the decades and has served as a hedge against rising inflation. It has also been seen as a safe investment in times of political and economic uncertainty.

Gold is an asset with various deep-seated qualities that make it unique and necessary for investors to have in their portfolios. Investors generally buy gold as a way to diversify their investments since it is not related to stocks, bonds, and real estate.

Selling And Buying Gold Coins


Gold is by far the most popular investment previous metal and there are many different ways to invest in the gold market. One of the easiest and more readily accessible ways to attain gold is through buying and selling gold coins and gold bars.

The gold coin dealers at William Youngerman understand how valuable it is to have a hard asset like gold in an investment portfolio. We specialize in buying and selling gold coins and gold and silver bullion. If you are looking to diversify your portfolio and invest in the gold market, give us a call at 1-800-327-5010.

What Is Bullion And Its Value


William Youngerman Inc. is the number one choice for someone wanting to purchase gold bullion and silver bullion. We buy and sell a variety of rare graded U.S. and world gold coins and currencies in Boca Raton and the surrounding South Florida areas. At William Youngerman, we specialize in buying and selling the highest purity gold bullion and silver bullion.

Whether an avid coin collector and an investor, we understand the importance of investing to grow a portfolio. With over 50 years of experience, we are well versed when it comes to understanding the value of bullion.

What Is Bullion And Its Value


  • What Is Bullion
  • Value
  • Gold
  • Silver

What Is Bullion


Bullion is gold, silver or other precious metals in the form of bars or ingots or blocks. They are typically used for trade on a market and its value is determined by the value of its precious metals content which is defined by purity and mass.



The value of bullion is largely determined by demand and is rooted in scarcity and quality. Therefore, the value is given to a coin based upon the amount of metal that the coin contains. There are a few factors that determine the value of bullion. The spot price of the gold or silver is determined based on weight, purity or karat and rarity. A trusted coin dealer such as William Youngerman will provide a customer with an exact value of the bullion based on those factors.



Gold Bullion is a gold bar or ingot that is a quantity of a refined metallic gold. This can be made into any shape that is produced by a bar producer meeting standard conditions of manufacture, labeling, and record keeping. The standard gold bullion is held as gold reserves by banks and is traded among bullion dealers in the 400-troy-ounce.



Silver bullion is silver in the form of bars or coins and is the most stable in precious metal investments. They are popular in portfolios large and small and have different benefits. Silver bullion is highly popular as they can be purchased individually. This type of bullion is also highly popular due to its beautiful design element and a wide variety of weights.  

When it comes to gold bullion and silver bullion, William Youngerman, Inc. is the most trusted coin dealer in South Florida. We have the best selection of gold and silver bars and coins, including the United States Silver Eagle and gold and silver Engelhard bars. Our expert coin dealers can offer information regarding price history and potential profit of any coin. Call us today at 1 (800) 327-5010 to speak to a qualified representative regarding our selection of gold and silver bullion products.

How to Start Collecting Rare Currencies

William Youngerman is a Boca Raton coin and currency dealer who can help any new collectors find their niche. Those who enjoy history and the thought of owning a once daily used artifact will want to get into the rare coins dealer’s trade.


The Rare Coin Collecting Process:


  • Starting A Collection
  • The Niche
  • Numismatics
  • New Hobby


Starting a Collection

Rare coins are not something to invest in for profit. They do not typically gain value faster than inflation. They can yield a profit but may it take time. A keen collector will be able to tell which coins are a good investment and which are not. Coins with a historical significance that are in good condition tend to be more valuable. Currency and coins that have an earlier serial number in the mint are valuable as well. Having the full collection of coins increases their value as well.


Coins minted improperly are also naturally rare. In the Batman series, Two-Face’s double-sided coin served as an overly sentimental decision-making-tool which often foiled his plans. Rare currency collection is a good hobby, but someone with the intent of profit may not want to invest too much on a coin flip.


The Niche

Finding a niche can personalize collecting rare currencies. One may pursue all types of coins from when the Spanish armada occupied Florida. Getting ahold of a full collection may be more difficult. There is a rewarding feeling in finding that last coin and cheaper than collecting indiscriminately. Once a full collection is obtained, all individual coins become more valuable as part of the set.



Rare coin collection is a vivid display of how our values can differ from one another. In the study or collection of currency, numismatics, an object’s value can be measured in multiple ways. Legal or face value of a currency is defined by its printed label. A government asserts by law that a $5 bill is worth the same as 5 $1 bills. The market value of a currency is how much others are willing to pay for that object. This is the same as the legal value if the currency is still readily available and in circulation.


The intrinsic value of a coin is the market value of the metal which constitutes the coin. Paper currencies have almost no materially intrinsic value, but quarters and dimes produced before 1964 will carry more weight in silver material than their advertised value.


Pre-1929 U.S. paper money was 50% larger in size and had more intricate designs. The fifty-five dollar continental issued in 1779 features a picture of the sun beaming red rays on a plain while the border is intricately woven with patterns.


New Hobby

Getting into rare coin investment is not only for the lavishly rich. Currencies are always changing and new ones come into circulation and some have recently gone out of circulation. This allows newcomers to get involved with modern collections before they become a rarity. Distinguishing rare coins from fake or similar coins takes some experience and can become a skill when browsing collections.


For those needing an expert coin appraisal, contact William Youngerman. As one of the best rare coin dealers in Boca Raton, we can ensure a good start to any collectors journey. Call now at 1-800-327-5010 or visit

All About Rare Cuban Coins

Cuban is a country with a fascinating history that can be remembered through Cuban gold coins for sale a William Youngman Inc. The limited access, the rest of the world has had to this nation, makes some of its older currency extremely rare. Interestingly enough, Cuba is one of the few nations that has 2 different currencies circulating. The Cuban peso is the older and more collectible currency, but the Cuban Convertible Pesos are also used. Let’s dive deeper into the history of some rare Cuban gold coins and silver coins.

1897 Cuban Silver 1 Peso Souvenir Coin

In 1897, Cuba was fighting a war against Spain for its freedom. The small country struggled to fund the war efforts, so they issued souvenir coins to the United States as an effort to raise funds. When Cuba gained its independence and the republic was founded, this coin was accepted as currency because of what it represented. Under 10,000 of this coins were created and today they can be worth hundreds of dollars in the right condition. The coin has a bust of Lady Liberty modeled by Leonor Molina on one side and the Cuban Coat of Arms on the other side. This silver coin is a must have for any Cuban numismatic.

1898 Cuban Silver 1 Peso Coin

Identical to the 1897 Cuban coin, the 1898 version was also created to raise funds for the continuing war against Spain. The coin has the same face of Leonor Molin and Cuban Coat of Arms pressed into it. However, this coin is not treated as a souvenir coin or medallion. Still, one of these coins in mint condition could be worth almost $2,000 dollars.

1915 Cuban Pesos

1915 was an important year for Cuban numismatics because it was the year that Cuban started minting coins. Available in both gold and silver, there are 1915 pesos in existence of multiple different face values. Because these coins are over 100 years old, it is difficult to find them in top condition. Although silver versions of this coin can be found for under $200 depending on the condition, the gold versions are much rarer and much more valuable. A 1915 Cuban 1 pesos gold coin can be worth several hundred to thousands of dollars.

1983 Cuban 1 Peso Coin

The 1983 Cuban 1 peso has a spiny lobster depicted on one side and the Cuban Coat of Arms on the other. This coin was issued for the World Fisheries Conference along with many other countries. This peso is uncirculated and there were only 5,000 pieces minted. This coin is not just a great find for Cuban coin collections, but also for collections featuring animals or sea creatures.

1984 Cuban 1 Peso Castle Morro Coin

Some Cuban coins are particularly rare in America due to laws making it illegal to import them into the states. The 1984 Castle Morro 1 peso coin is a perfect example of this. The coin is low mintage, uncirculated, and currently illegal to import to America. The coin is a treasure for Cuban numismatists or people with castle themed collections. Hopefully, with communications opening between the US and Cuba, these 3-decade old coins will soon be allowed in the states.

1995 Rare 10 Pesos Pattern Set

In 1995, Cuba minted 100 sets of Pattern Crowns of 10 Pesos. These sets were to commemorate the centenary of Jose Marti’s birth. Marti was an active figure in the war for Cuba’s freedom and an important part of the country’s history. These coins are struck in a variety of metals including sterling Silver, cupronickel, aluminum, brass, gold plated alloy, copper, and tri-metallic. Being that there were only 100 of these sets created, they are highly collectible and a prize for a passionate Cuban numismatist.

Cuba is a small country in the Caribbean with a unique history. From rare gold coins like a 1915 Peso to pattern sets like the 1995 10 pesos, there is a lot to collect. Most of the collectible Cuban coins are the ones created prior to 1959, but there are noteworthy coins made following that year. Rare Cuban coins for sale are not just for collectors, they would also make a great present for someone who lived or is passionate about Cuba’s past.

Explore William Youngerman’s Cuban Collection: Cuban Gold Coins for Sale

How to Become a Rare Coin Collector

Years of experience as a rare gold coin dealer serving Coral Springs, William Youngerman Gold has conducted business with collectors of various collection sizes and levels of expertise. We have seen collectors that inherited their collection from their fathers or grandfathers, collectors who have spent their whole life chasing rare coining, and beginner collectors who recently picked up the hobby. If you are the latter, we have some important tip and tricks to share. Although experience is generally what sets coin collectors apart, someone who does their research can become highly skilled rather quickly. Let’s explore everything you need to know when starting your Coral Springs, Florida rare coin collection.

Educate Yourself

Numismatics is the term for the study or collection of coins, paper currency, and medals. A successful coin collector is a well-versed numismatics expert. Research the subject as much as you can to understand the theories and practices involved in coin collecting. Joining one of the associations for numismatics is also a smart way to connect with follow numismatists and access resources for rare coin information and leads.

Pick a Theme

Getting excited about collecting and buying every coin you find is common for new coin collectors. However, over enthusiasm for collecting coins can drain your wallet, leaving little left when you find a truly exciting piece. Start by picking one or two themes and search for coins that match that theme. Be patient because complete collections and groups of coins with a theme carry a larger value and are considered more precious. Simply the hunting for the perfect coin to add to your collection can be exciting on its own. Imagine the satisfaction when you finally acquire a coin you spent months or years tracking down.

Impress Colleagues with Expertise in Your Series

Whichever theme or series you decide to focus on collecting, become a true expert on it. Dealers, graders, and fellow collectors will be impressed when you are able to tell them the history, rarity, and availability of every coin in your series. If you collect a series that has little literature currently published, it may be a great opportunity for you to write a book or web guide and become “the” expert on that series. Researching the coins you pursue can be extremely rewarding.

Establish a Relationship with a Dealer

Dealer relationships are going to be vital for a successful coin collection. Although many coins you desire may be found on eBay or through auctions, it is unlikely you will build your collection without any help from a dealer. If you work with a dealer closely, they will notify you when they come across a coin you might be interested in. Gain the respect of your dealer by educating yourself and doing a lot of your own research.

Always Consider Quality

The quality of a coin should always be of top concern. Only in rare cases should you ever even consider buying a coin that is not in decent condition. Perhaps a particular extremely rare coin is acceptable to buy regardless of the condition because you simply can’t imagine passing on it. Otherwise, pay up a little for higher quality coins and keep them protected. A truly rare coin will require you to pay a lot more if it is also of a high quality. It is highly unlikely that you are going to get the best pieces from auctions or dealers with a low-ball offer. In short, high-quality coins make for a high-quality collection.

Select Proper Storage

Storage is one of the most important parts of coin collecting because it protects your coins and maintains their value. The method you choose for storing your rare gold coins in Coral Springs can be the difference between protecting your investment and destroying it. Proper storage will prevent the coin from getting discolored, and even degraded. Coin collectors have been perfecting storage options for decades and have created numerous options. Whichever option you choose, make sure it is “archival-quality” coin storage. Do not settle for less to preserve these valuable pieces of history.

Leave Grading to the Specialists

As a collector, you will be spending copious amounts of time researching your coins and hunting down more rare coins to buy. Grading coins is a complex and somewhat subjective practice that is also extremely time-consuming to learn. Instead of wasting your time learning to grade, refer to a grading specialist and focus on just learning the basics. Focus on determining if a coin’s color is real and how to pick out a coin that is in the top 10% for a particular grade.

Becoming a successful Coral Springs collector of rare gold coins does involve a great deal of studying, reading, and networking but it can also be loads of fun! Especially when you are just starting out, choose a theme or series that excites you. Animal collections and regional collections might be a perfect place to start. Keep all of these tips and tricks in mind throughout your collection process and you are likely to do well. If you are looking for a dealer nearby Coral Springs that always has exciting rare gold coins in stock, visit William Youngerman Gold!

Collecting Rare Coins from Around the World

William Youngerman is a rare gold coin dealer in Boca Raton, Florida that just may have the rare Israeli or Cuban coin you have been hunting down for decades. Coins available in this Boca Raton rare coin shop are from all over the world and many different centuries. Commonly in stock, are rare coins from Hungary, coins from Belgium, gold US coins, and so much more. Gold and silver coins can be purchased from our online shop, or you can set up an appointment to see them in person. We always encourage you to complete extensive research on the value of the rare coins you are considering buying or selling. Understanding the value, as well any backstory of the coins you invest in brings more joy to the hobby of collecting them.

A Brief History of Money

During the early history of man, bartering was used to buy goods that were needed. From livestock to clothing, almost everything functioned as money. The first known currency was created in 600BC and featured a lion roaring. As money has evolved to bank notes, dollar bills, credit cards, and now even bitcoin cryptocurrency, the metal coin has yet to disappear. Metal coins will probably never totally lose value because of the fact that the substances they are made of have value in themselves. Additionally, as fewer coins are made, the rarest coins become highly valuable to collectors.

How Dealers Grade Coins

Grading a rare coin can be subjective. The best way to avoid a difference in grade when buying or selling a rare coin is by working with only the most selective dealers. However, remember that the grade is only one factor in determining the price of a coin. One rare gold Cuban coin may look very different from another coin but will have the same grade. Study grading materials by the Professional Coin Grading Service and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation to educate yourself on the process. Educating yourself will prevent someone from taking advantage of you when buying or selling coins from your collection. Luckily, collectors and admirers of rare coins have been working to unify grading systems and third-party grading services are now more secure than ever.

Factors in Appraising a Rare Coin

  • First and foremost, contact American Rarities Rare Coin Company and have a qualified numismatic expert evaluate your rare coins and give you a no-obligation offer on your coin collection.
  • Inventory your coins and list the rare coins of importance individually. Grouping certain coin types together are okay, because many collectible coins tend to have similar values. You can always break down the groups further if necessary.
  • As a general rule, silver and gold coins are almost always worth more than their face value. However, their value also fluctuates a lot based on the current value of gold and silver. Mint mistakes like mis-struck or double struck coins raise a coin’s value, and designer’s initials and certain mint marks often increase the coin’s value.
  • Any reputable coin dealer should have credentials from the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Work with these dealers.
  • Study coins similar to your own that are for sale in rare coin magazines, rare coin shops, and rare coin auctions.
  • Look for rare coin books covering the coin types your have. A good book to start with is the “Red Book”, A Guide Book Of United State Coins. This book provides generalized information on most US coins and gives an indication as to rarity.
  • Online resources can be very useful. Many reliable resources provide a Rare Coin Retail Price Guide. Keep in mind that prices paid by coin collectors are always below these “List Prices,” meaning that the real “liquid value” of your rare coins will be less.
  • The rare coin grading system can be rather arbitrary, but understanding it can be immensely valuable. Coin grades run from Poor-1 to Mint State- or Proof-70, but many factors contribute to a coin’s grade. Luster, strike, contact marks, and overall eye appeal is the most important elements.
  • Remember that rare coin prices are determined by scarcity, demand, and condition. Another factor is the current prevailing numismatic market conditions.
  • Get your Coins Appraised by a Rare Coin Dealer, such as William Youngerman. Some coin dealers charge for an appraisal, so ask first if the dealer thinks it’s worth it.

No matter if you are a Boca Raton local that inherited a robust coin collection from a family member, or you have been traveling the world building your own collection, knowing what you have is key. Conduct extensive research on every coin prior to buying or selling it and work with experienced and qualified gold coin dealers like William Youngerman. If you are on the lookout for a place to sell rare cuban coins or you want to buy another exciting rare Spanish coin, give Mr. Youngerman a call today (800)327-5010!

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5 Reasons to Start Being a Coin Collector

Everybody has their hobbies, including collecting silver coins and gold coins. Whether you’ve considered the idea of coin collecting or noticed a loved one’s coin collection, you can easily start your own! Aside from the obvious reason of you wanting to start the collection, there are a number of reasons that would make almost anyone want to begin collecting gold coins, silver coins, rare coins and foreign coins!

Reasons to Collect Rare Gold Coins and Silver Coins

From being able to hold onto a rare item to creating a fun game of scavenger hunt as you search near and far for coins, the concept behind collecting rare coins, gold coins, and silver coins can be fun for a number of reasons.

1.) You Can Flip the Coin and Profit

It will take research to be able to find valuable silver and gold coins at a good price and then sell them for profit – but it can be done. The knowledge on the value of coins and coin pricing is available. It’s just a matter of finding that out, where to purchase or find the coin, and who to sell the coin to for its maximum worth. This could take even professional coin collectors and coin dealers awhile to master.

2.) It’s a Scavenger Hunt for Collectible Coins

Collecting coins can be exciting for the sake of it providing an adventure, task, or scavenger hunt for you. Trying to find your gold coins, silver coins, foreign coins, and rare coins to collect can be a challenge – but a good one. It will create an experience for you. Not to mention, if any of your friends or family members find one they think you’d like, they’ll know what to get you for the holidays!

3.) Coin Collecting Can Be a Fun Hobby

Not only can creating a coin collection be an exciting scavenger hunt – it can also become a favorite pastime or hobby. In your spare time, you can educate yourself about the coins you have in your collection, coins you would like to find, how to find rare coins, and anything coin related! William Youngerman, the best and most trusted coin dealer in South Florida, began coin collecting as a teenager and it turned into a lifelong career! You never know what could come from sparking a passion.

4.) Hold Onto History

Collecting coins is a great way to hold onto history because each coin was created and can have an interesting background. Some coins were discontinued early while others have a significant purpose for the design formation. It can be fun to learn about the history behind each coin as well as why certain silver and gold coins may be more valuable than others.

5.) Keep a Rare Collectible

Did you ever have an item that nobody else had or maybe just that a few people had? It can be fun to have an exciting, rare collectible in your home, such as gold coins, silver coins, or rare coins. Whether you choose to pass any coin down to your children or hold onto them until the value increases more, holding onto any rare coin can be beneficial.

Buy Coins from William Youngerman, Best Coin Dealer in South Florida

Regardless as to whether you have already started your coin collection or not, you should turn to William Youngerman. You can purchase more rare coins, gold coins, and silver coins to add to your collection, or even begin your collection by purchasing your first coin from the best coin dealer in South Florida! Contact William youngerman for more information about coin collecting, purchasing, selling, and trading.

4 Most Valuable Silver and Gold Coins of the World

Believe it or not, there are silver and gold coins worth far more than the actual material it’s made from and some types of coins in the world are worth more than you could even possibly imagine. Whether the value of a silver or gold coin is due to its rarity, discontinuation, or mint errors, it’s certainly beneficial to know the worth!

4 Valuable Silver and Gold Coins

1.) 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar

Allegedly worth just under $1 million when in mint condition, the 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar is an extremely valuable coin. Even when the coin is in poor condition, it can still have the great worth of an approximate $47,148. Only 1,758 original copies of the rare coin exist. The 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar is special because it is the first dollar coin that the United States ever dispersed.

2.) 1870 Liberty Seated Dollar

This 1870 Liberty Seated Dollar may have an approximate silver melt of $13, but the overall worth of the rare coin could range from $177,286 all the way to nearly $2 billion! This rare coin is special because when the coin was minted, it was the very first time in almost a decade that the Liberty Seated Dollar was minted in multiple locations. There are three versions that include CC mint marks for Carson City, S mint marks for San Francisco, and no marks. While all are valuable and rare, the ones worth the most are the rare coins minted in San Francisco.

3.) 1933 Indian Head Gold Eagle

Though its face value is $10, the 1933 Indian Head Gold Eagle has a gold melt of $621! This isn’t even the impressive characteristics of the gold coin though. The 1933 Indian Head Gold Eagle could be worth the value of $600,000 when in good condition! Why is this rare gold coin so valuable? It turns out that 1933 was the last year the rare coin was minted. Not only is this gold coin valuable because of this but it’s also because President Roosevelt banned the country from owning personal gold and a majority of the coins were melted in accordance!

4.) 1797 Draped Bust Half Dollar

With only a silver melt of a mere $6.08, this 1797 Draped Bust Half Dollar could have the potential worth of half a million dollars! The reason for this rare silver coin being so valuable is the fact that it was the last half dollar issued in the century until 1801.

While these are just some of the most valuable silver and gold coins of the world, there are plenty more valuable coins out there! Knowing the value of coins can help you when you are on the hunt for coins that are worth the most.

Looking for Foreign Gold Coins? Turn to William Youngerman!

Whether you are looking for a valuable gold coin or want to purchase a rare foreign coin, you can count on William Youngerman to have a wide selection. From US gold coins to foreign coins, William Youngerman has both rare and unique coins for you to add to you collection. Not looking to add any coins to your selection? William Youngerman may be interested in purchasing your gold or foreign coins! Contact William Youngerman today for more information at (561) 368-7707.

From Buying Gold to Selling Silver: Insider Tips to Maximize Value

A Brief Insider’s Guide to Buying and Selling Precious Metals


Whether you are looking to buy gold for investing or sell gold coins, or prefer to deal in silver jewelry or platinum bars, there is a great deal of insider information you should know in order to maximize your market value and avoid making common industry mistakes.

Gold is the stable horse in the investment world, our love affair with gold has been the unshakable force behind the rise and fall of empires for thousands of years, and every day millions of gold coins like the American Eagle or Canadian Maple change hands through brokers, precious metal dealers, investment opportunity managers, and third party services.

Between 2005 and 2011 the price of gold more than quadrupled, and though it has fluctuated recently with some downtrends in price valuations, there just is no security in the investment world like that of buying gold, which is tangible and can be weighed, measured, and held, unlike investing in futures.

Right behind those people buying gold, just as in the Olympics, there has always been plenty of people buying silver, a true powerhouse in its own right. Silver is the most abundant of the precious metals, and the preeminent source of many historical global shifts dating all the way back to 100 AD (and before) when Spain became the capital of silver production and the Spanish silver mines funded many of the glories of the Roman Empire, becoming an integral part of the burgeoning spice trade in Asia. This rich history carried through to the discovery of the new world and overflowing mines of silver that changed the world many times over.

And though the modern history of platinum begins roughly around the 18th century, the unrivaled value of platinum has continued to skyrocket as jewelry demand and possible scientific applications continued to expand in leaps and bounds, placing it in a high demand market, and whether you prefer to utilize the value of platinum for luxury items like wearing a platinum watch or buying your loved one a platinum ring, there is something magical about platinum.


Buy Gold Eagles for Safe Haven Investment Purposes


Buying rare coins like the 1857 Gold Liberty is an art form, and there is a big difference between investing in gold coins  or gold bars and building an investment collection of specific rare coins, which requires diligence and expertise, an understanding of the history and grade of specific coins, certificates of authenticity, and a wealth of knowledge on the subject that the average gold coin investor is unlikely to care about.

Traditionally, high net worth investors keep a strong percentage of their assets in gold form as a protective factor and this trend has taken firm root in the United States where these individuals are more likely to take an active interest in building rare collections with the end game being the preservation of wealth across generations.

But most Americans invest in gold coins to hedge financial uncertainty or capitalize on price movement, then contemporary coins are the optimal way to serve this purpose, and the best advice is to buy Gold Eagles or Canadian Maples as North American coins offer the best value and are the easiest to buy and sell.

Not only is the 22-karat Eagle’s purity and content guaranteed by the US Mint, but when you buy Gold Eagles you can then use them in IRA’s if you so choose.

The Canadian Maple is even purer, registering at 24-karats, and to compete, the US Mint introduced the American Buffalo, a 24-karat gold bullion coin, to the trading world, but it is more expensive and less well known, so many people stick to what they know best and buy gold eagles.

Sell Gold Eagles Only After Keeping Them for 3 Years or More


Some people sell gold eagles relatively quickly after purchasing them, trading them likes stocks, but gold coins aren’t meant for this kind of trading, and should be kept for at least three years.

And when you buy gold eagles for the purpose of later intending to sell gold eagles, stick to the 1-ounce contemporary coins because the fractional coins such as the half ounce and quarter ounce carry higher premiums so your best value whether you intend to buy gold eagles or sell gold eagles, is to go with the 1-ounce options.

How to Get the Best Value When You Sell Broken Gold Jewelry


There is very little value in holding onto broken jewelry pieces unless they are family heirlooms or you intend to get them fixed. Otherwise you are better off liquidating your broken items for the value of the precious metals.

The key when you sell broken gold jewelry, and this applies to when you sell broken silver jewelry as well, is don’t get pressured into taking less than the full value of the weight.

Do your research on the current value so that you know what your items are worth going in, and then complete the transaction with a trusted professional in the industry rather than a pawn shop or mall kiosk.

When to Sell Silver Jewelry (And Sell Silver in General) and When to Keep It


There is a right time to sell silver jewelry and that is when you can get the most for your items, but to know when this time is, you have to understand what to look for with your pieces and how the market is turning.

First off, silver comes in various alloys. Pure silver is the most valuable (marked with a 999 for the 99.9% silver purity) but most silver jewelry is made from sterling silver which is a silver alloy mixed with copper or other metals in order to make it more durable and longer lasting. Sterling silver contains 92.5% silver and is often marked with the numbers “925” somewhere on the item.

Anything less than sterling silver is going to be marked with a 500 for 50% pure silver or an 800 for 80% pure silver, and if it is not marked at all, make sure to get it tested for purity independently of trying to sell it to reduce any conflict of interest from the professional doing the testing.

Once you know the purity levels, figure out the weight of the silver so that you can look up the current market price and figure out an approximate acceptable range.

But remember, this is the value of the silver melted down, and this fails to take into account whether the broken jewelry can be quickly and easily fixed by a professional, allowing a broker to sell it at a higher rate than the melted weight and increasing what you should get for it.

This typically only applies to exquisitely crafted, rare, historical, or otherwise unique pieces, as the workmanship gains a value unto itself, but you always want to make sure as it may be worth the cost of getting the piece fixed first before you sell it if the value if going to be greater that way.

From a Platinum Coin or Platinum Watch to a Full Platinum Bar, Here’s What to Know


platinum coins

Buying platinum for investing purposes can be a smart idea as platinum is the rarest and depending on the market, it can be the most valuable, but many people still hesitate to invest in platinum as a proxy for money despite its large potential upside.

Part of the hesitation stems from the fact that nearly 70% of the world’s platinum is mined in South Africa and the unpredictable political and civil climate causes a great deal of uncertainty when it comes to consistent production.

This can be a huge benefit for the investor or the wearer of luxury platinum items however, as annual platinum production has averaged less than platinum consumption (about 250 tonnes) over the past 20 years, causing price spikes that have taken platinum investments up by as much as 10-30% over the price of gold.

Right now platinum values are down, which is causing many to resist its lure, but others see this as a great opportunity to get in at a low point and turn their platinum coins, platinum bars, and platinum luxury items (like a platinum ring, platinum watch, or platinum wrist bag) into much more valuable investments down the road as global economies pick up… causing the demand for platinum in industrial applications to once again soar.

Information, Timing, and Valuations Are Key to Buying and Selling Gold, Silver, and Platinum


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Buying and selling gold can be an intimidating venture when you don’t understand all the nuances of the market and aren’t sure who to trust, but consulting a stand-up high-quality professional like those at William Youngerman Inc. can make a world of difference in the quality of experience you have.

There is nothing like the security of having William Youngerman working with you to maximize your value, assess your assets, find you the collection pieces you are searching for, or give you the full breadth of decades of expertise in whatever precious metals venture you are embarking on.

From giving advice on selling silver or the right time to sell gold coins or platinum bars, William Youngerman and his staff have the insider information you can trust and the reputation you can count on.

Whether you are looking to buy gold for investment purposes or sell silver jewelry (or silver bars) at the highest value, or looking into buying platinum in the form of platinum bars or coins in the hopes of capitalizing on potential spikes in the market, knowing the trends, the insider tips to getting the highest returns, and understanding the differences in the options will go far towards helping you get the best market value out of your gold jewelry, platinum watch, gold pin, or silver jewelry.

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