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William Youngerman Inc is a company built off decades of experience in currency and coin collecting, trading, purchasing, and selling. When it comes to US gold coins, nobody knows the value better or can make a more enticing offer than our company.

History of US Gold Coins


The Coinage Act of 1792 was created as an authorization for gold coins to be made in the United States of America. The act was adamant about weight and purity of three new US gold coins in particular. The half eagle, or the $5 gold coin, was the first to circulate in 1795. The eagle, or $10 gold coin, and the quarter eagle, or $2.50 gold coin, came shortly after.


In 1849, the $1 US gold coin came about as the tiniest gold coin created. By 1854, there was a $3 gold coin introduced, but it appeared to be so unliked that the coin stopped going around early on the 1860s. By the 1870s, collectors clung to the $3 US gold coins. The coin stopped being made in 1889.


In 1903, the Louisiana purchase Expo gold dollar started circulation and the by 1904, the Lewis and Clark Centennial gold dollar made its was. Several other US gold coins were introduced, such as the McKinley Memorial gold dollar in 1916, Grant Memorial gold dollar in 1922, and the Los Angeles Olympiad gold eagle series in 1983.

Gold coins are still present today. In fact, gold is one form of currency that society trusts will stick around and remain great in its value. Since 1984, gold commemorative US gold coins, though rare, have still continued to be introduced.

US Gold Coins Bought and Sold at William Youngerman

At William Youngerman Inc, we have an extensive variety of US gold coins that date back centuries. Whether you are looking to purchase one or would like to sell one of your own, we are the US gold coin collecting company you want to turn to.

$1 US Gold Coins

Originally at a face value of $1 when introduced, the dollar gold coins hold great worth today. The earlier $1 US gold coin Type 1 originated from 1849 to 1854. The time frame of when the Type 2 gold coins were produced ranging from 1854 to 1856. The Type 3 came about in 1856 and was made until 1889.

2.50 US Gold Coins

These $2.50 US gold coins had several different variations over the years before production ended entirely. The production of the Capped Bust to Right Quarter Eagle was from 1796 to 1807. There was another type, the Capped Bust to Left Quarter Eagle, in 1808.

Later on in 1821 through 1834, the Capped Head to Left Quarter Eagle was issued. From 1834 to 1839, the Classic Head Quarter Eagle was introduced. The Liberty Head Quater Eagle came around from 1840 to 1907.

The last years when the $2.50 US gold coins were made again were from 1908 to 1929 with the design as the Indian Head Quarter Eagle.

$3 US Gold Coins

Again, there was only one version of the $3 coin, which was the Indian Princess produced from 1854 to 1889.

$4 US Gold Coins

The $4 gold coin only had two versions, the Flowing Hair from 1879 and 1880 and the Coiled Hair from 1879 and 1880.

$5 US Gold Coins

The US gold coin with the most different variations is the $5 coin. From 1795 to 1798 there was the Capped Bust to Right Small Eagle Half Eagle. Simultaneously, the Capped Bust to Right Large Eagle Half Eagle was made from 1795 to 1807. Then, the Capped Bust to Left Half Eagle was created in 1807 to 1812. The next to be introduced was the Capped Head to Left Large Size Half Eagle from 1813 to 1829. Right after, the Capped Head to Left Small Size Half Eagle came about from 1829 to 1834. Later in 1834 to 1838, the Classic Head Half Eagle made its way. The Liberty Half Eagle was next from 1839 to 1908. The last of the $5 US gold coins to be produced was the Indian Head Half Eagle from 1908 to 1929.

$10 US Gold Coins

There were more than a few types of $10 gold coins. The Capped Bust Small Eagle was produced from 1795 to 1797. Later on, the Capped Bust Large Eagle was introduced from 1797 to 1804. Following this, the Liberty Head Eagle was distributed from 1838 to 1907. Then, the last version, the Indian Head Eagle, was made from 1907 to 1933.

$20 US Gold Coins

Being referred to as the favorite of rare gold coins, the $20 coins only had two versions. The first version was the Liberty Double Eagle, which was produced from 1849 to 1907. The next was the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle from 1907 to 1933.

Buy Your United States Gold Coins from William Youngerman Inc

Though these are just some of the types of US gold coins, there are also a number of commemorative gold coins as mentioned earlier. Regardless, these US gold coins have great value and make fantastic collector’s items, especially for coin collectors and historians. If you were hoping to find a certain gold coin or would like an appraisal on one, then William Youngerman is the one to turn to.

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