Why Gold Bullion Is Your Best Investment

While stocks and bonds rise and fall depending on company earnings, investing in gold remains one of the most stable purchases you can make.

Gold bullion is the precious metal itself, only the gold is formed into an ingot, bar, or even specific types of coins to buy and sell. Since gold bullion is the material, the value of gold bullion retains its value better than other forms of currency. It’s this price stability and steady value that makes gold bullion the go-to emergency currency for governments and private citizens around the world.

What Determines the Value of Gold?

When it comes to the actual valuation of gold bullion, it’s determined by the purity of the precious metal, as well as the volume found in the bullion itself. The gold market relies on supply and demand to settle the purchase price and the sale price. Gold bullion as a commodity is reliant on the supply and demands of jewelry design and manufacturing, as well as the purchase of physical gold (in the form of bullion, specialized gold coins, or ingots) as a so-called safe haven investment.

What Is Gold Bullion?

Gold bullion is regarded as a reliable investment due to it being viewed as a universal, although finite, currency. Once, bank-backed paper money was linked to gold, with the number of bills printed equaling the amount of gold stored in their vaults. While the majority of modern currencies are what’s called fiat currency (meaning that the value of the currency is backed by the government that issued it), central banks around the globe continue to hold gold bullion in reserve.

The reason for this is that gold has proven to hold its value during tough financial times, such as the 2007—2009 recession. While the S&P 500 index fell over 35 percent, the price of gold increased in comparison, rising to over 25 percent of its previous value. (The S&P 500 is a product by Standard & Poors (S&P), a global rating company. The index is a measurement of the stock performance of 500 of the world’s largest companies.)

Is Gold Bullion An Investment?

As gold is considered a common currency, many investors view buying gold bullion as a form of savings, as opposed to a typical investment. Additionally, the purchase price of investment-grade legal tender coins (which are the specialty gold coins traded on the market) is generally lower than the quoted spot price. The spot price is the value of what’s referred to as spot goods.

The Two Common Types of Commodities

  • Spot Goods: are commodities that are immediately available. This availability means these commodities are immediately ready for delivery to the investor, as opposed to commodities known as futures.

  • Futures: Also known as futures contracts, these commodities are scheduled to come available designated months ahead on the calendar, meaning the investor won’t have access to the commodities until the specified time.

Why You Should Consider Gold Bullion

Gold bullion, gold specialty coins, and gold ingots are on hand and ready to be picked up by the investor. There’s no delay and the investor has their financial insurance in hand.

Purchasing gold bullion is a more reliable way of ensuring your wealth, as well as the wealth of your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on. The gold market is regulated and offers different ways to own precious metal, making buying gold easy.

Tips On Buying Gold Bullion, Gold Ingots, or Gold Specialty Coins

When you considering acquiring gold bullion, make sure that you find an accredited, reputable dealer. Many dealers will mark up their gold coin, gold ingot, and gold bullion prices to pass costs along to you, the customer. Thankfully, finding a trustworthy dealer is made easy, especially if you live in the Palm Beaches.

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What’s The Difference Between Gold and Silver Bullion Coins and Numismatic Coins?

Those who are new to coin collecting, as a hobby, as an investment, or both, may be unfamiliar with the terms bullion and numismatic and their meanings when it comes to coins. The specialists at William Youngerman, Inc. are always at the ready to share their years of training and experience to help newcomers and veterans alike learn more about the trade of coins.

What Is Gold and Silver Bullion?

To those well outside the world of buying and selling rare coins, the word bullion may evoke images of gleaming bars of pure gold or silver stockpiled in a heavily guarded military base. When it comes to coin collecting, gold and silver bullion coins are a literal, tangible asset the same as money. In this sense, they are similar to those ingots in that there is an everlasting value based on the market value of the precious metal itself.

In fact, bullion has its own global market for trading — New York, Zurich, and Tokyo have bullion markets, with the largest market being in London. The gold and silver bullion market is only one of the ways that gold and silver can be invested in. It is also generally considered to be a so-called hedge or safe-haven investment against inflation as it historically maintains its value over time (though it should be noted that safe havens can change from one period of market volatility to the next).

What Are Numismatic Coins?

Where gold and silver bullion have actual value, numismatic coins are either rare coins or purely collectible coins based on different criteria. In many instances, numismatic coins aren’t valuable outside of the actual value of any gold or silver content found in the coin itself. The word numismatics is defined as, “the study of collection of coins, tokens, and paper money”*. So, in short, while gold and silver bullion coins are collected both as a hobby and an investment, numismatic coins are generally collected as a hobby.

Want to Get Started with Bullion or Numismatic Coins?

Are you looking to get started with gold and silver bullion coins? Do you need expert advice and guidance with market insights and suggestions as to which coin is right for you? Or are you more of a hobbyist who already has a set of coins, or perhaps has inherited some coins, and is in need of an appraisal? The experienced, professional coin dealers at William Youngerman, Inc. have a variety of services available for your collecting and investing needs. Call us toll-free at 1-800-327-5010 or contact us via our easy-to-use online form.