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The History of Platinum

Platinum has become one of the most highly sought after precious metals in the whole world. It’s so sought after, in fact, that it’s a close runner up to the value of gold. Its high-value potential has made it a great tool for investors to purchase and resell in order to earn a tremendous investment. But what is this metal’s history, and what makes it so valuable in the market? If you’re curious to learn more, then continue reading below. We’ve listed some important facets of platinum’s history in this article so that you can gain an understanding of how this precious metal’s value has developed over the centuries.

The History of Platinum


Platinum’s Early History

Platinum has been founded to be in objects dating as far back as 700 BC. One of its earliest uses has been to coat Egyptian sarcophagus’. By the 16th century, Spanish conquistadores have discovered more platinum in the earth as they were seeking gold. Not realizing that this was a precious metal, the conquistadores had dubbed this metal as a hindrance in their search for other riches. In fact, because it wasn’t recognized as a precious metal at the time, Spanish forgers would often use platinum to adulterate the gold coin. And it wasn’t until by 18th century that European scientists had begun to actually study this metal and were absolutely surprised by its properties (e.g. corrosion resistance and high melting point).

Through further research, by the 19th century, English scientists had finally developed a means of refining platinum and discovered a whole other set of metals that are collectively known as the Platinum Group Metals. When platinum’s melting point was discovered, forgers had utilized the precious metal to create laboratory equipment. It was also used to create crucibles for glass production.

Platinum Today

Regions such as Canada, Colombia, and Russia were once the main source of platinum for the longest time, and a couple of those regions are still mined today. However, at some point during the mid 1920s, it was discovered that Africa housed a tremendous resource for the mining of platinum. And since then, Africa has remained the top region in the world for the mining of this precious metal. Africa produces roughly 75% of the world’s supply of platinum.

Throughout the past century, platinum has gradually been recognized as an important product used in industry technology. One of its earliest uses was as a catalyst in the oil refining industry. Later through the years, platinum would also eventually be produced into jewelry and be worn by many all over the world.

Later advances in the uses of platinum would further develop and it’s now most notably used in the catalytic converters of today’s automobiles. Many nations have demanded more eco-friendly utilization in the function of automobiles. Especially in China where the government has enforced practices of reducing their pollution. Due to this, platinum has increasingly become a highly valuable metal in today’s precious metal market.

Why is Platinum Such a Popular Investment?

As mentioned above, platinum has been a highly sought after precious metal needed in the production of automobiles. However, this isn’t the first time platinum has been recognized as a valuable commodity. At some point during the 1970s, popular use of platinum bars and coins had begun to take place. And this is because the oil crisis along with economic uncertainty had driven precious metal prices higher. Adding to platinum’s investment potential came the introduction of the British Isle of Man Noble Platinum Bullion Coins in 1983. Thanks to this coin’s popularity and success, other regions began to follow suit, and eventually, America produced the Platinum American Eagle Coin in 1997.

By the 2000s, the precious metal market was soaring and platinum had become the valuable investment it stands as today.

Want to Invest in Platinum? Look No Further Than William Youngerman

Ever since as a young child, William Youngerman has been pursuing his interests and developing his knowledge in the coins, bullions, and precious metal market; making him one of the top leading industry experts. If you’re ever interested in investing or even selling your platinum, believe us when we tell you that there’s no better choice than William Youngerman. When you choose William Youngerman today, we’re far more than confident that you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers as you make the best investment with platinum. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 368-7707 or visit our contact page.

Coin Collecting With William Youngerman

Coin collecting has been a popular activity that’s been prevalent for many ages and today, it still continues to be a common hobby. With many now starting their own coin collection, chances are, you might know someone who’s collecting coins. Or, you yourself might even be a coin collector or are just starting out becoming one. And if you’re the latter, you might be faced with many difficulties that are impeding on your pursuits of building up your set of valuable coins.

But don’t feel disdained when you’re first starting out coin collecting. It can be a little difficult and you’ll find that you’ll need plenty of help when you’re beginning. And when you do need that help, you can depend on the expertise and professionalism provided by William Youngerman in Boca Raton. William Youngerman is deeply knowledgeable about rare and valuable coins and he can be your #1 guide for all your coin collecting needs. If you wish to learn more about his services and how he can help you then continue reading below.

You’ll find that there’s no coin collector as well-versed as William Youngerman in South Florida.

William Youngerman’s Coin Collecting Services

In some cases, coin collecting can be fairly easy: if you look at some of the spare change you have right now, you might find that you already possess one or two valuable coins. But other times, you can feel stumped about where to begin. And even when you find yourself in the former scenario, you’ll still need some guidance understanding how much your coins are worth as well as some other questions you need answered.

Because William Youngerman has been collecting coins for many years, he’s sure to assist you in any way he can. Below are just some of the most common services he provides for coin collectors.

Market Insight

You, like many other coin collectors, might be interested in this hobby because you’re looking to make some investments. And when you need some insight for particular coins, William Youngerman can most definitely help you. When you bring your valuable coins in, William Youngerman can provide you the information you need concerning the price history of your coins, their profit potential, and just about anything else. By doing this, you can tell if you already possess the best coins or if you need to get better ones. So whenever you’re considering buying from us or from somewhere else and want our analysis, you can trust that we’ll offer you the best advice.

We’ll Authenticate Your Coins

You might already be an avid coin collector and already have a vast collection in your possession. In fact, some of the very coins you possess could be of very high value –  or at least, so you think.

While it may be stated somewhere (usually from an online database) that your coins are highly valuable, you’ll never know for sure unless you have an expert evaluate them. And luckily, William Youngerman provides authentication services to all his clients. When you have a coin – or even another piece of currency – and you need an assessment to determine if it’s real and valuable, William Youngerman can do that for you. Thanks to his near 50 years in business, he can determine if your coin is real and how much it’s worth. Moreover, he may even likely make an offer to buy it on the spot.

Auction Consultation

Becoming a coin collector will mean that you’ll need to attend some auctions in order to further develop your hobby. But in a lot of cases, it can be difficult to fit an auction visit in your busy schedule. But there’s no need to worry. You’ll be happy to know that our fine business has built a reputation for representing clients at coin auctions. We’ll be more than happy to attend on your behalf and purchase hard to obtain coins or collections.

Free Appraisals

We offer free appraisals for anyone who needs guidance for their coin collection. When you have questions that need answering, there’s no one better to turn to than William Youngerman. When you visit with one of our consultants, they’ll provide a free appraisal within a short period of time. Also, if you need an appraisal on other things besides coins – banknotes, gold and diamond jewelry, etc. – we can provide them for you. We implore you to explore our services even further by browsing through our site or even visiting our headquarters in Boca Raton. By doing so, you’ll get a glimpse into some of the other products we engage in dealings with.

Improve Your Coin Collecting Hobby With William Youngerman

When you’re in need of the most popular coin collecting services in South Florida, there’s no better person to turn to than William Youngerman. For many years, William Youngerman has helped countless clients build and invest in their coin collection. And when you need help developing your own coin collection – or other sets of rare currencies – you can trust us. For any inquiries, you may call us at  1-800-327-5010 or visit our contact page.

Why is Palladium More Valuable Than Gold?

For the longest time, gold has reigned supreme as the most valuable of all precious metals. But within the past few years, palladium has proven to be the most significant of investment potential. Last year, palladium started getting a rise in popularity as this metal’s value was surpassing that of gold’s, piquing many investors’ interests.  Since then, palladium has been dominating the market when it comes to precious metals. “But why?” you might ask.

If you wish to know more about why palladium’s value has been higher than gold’s since 2019, then continue reading below to see why and how this precious metal has been dominating the market.

What is Palladium?

Before even wondering why palladium is more valuable than gold, you might’ve asked yourself “what is palladium?”

In short, palladium is a lustrous white metal that belongs to the six platinum-group metals. Most of the palladium that’s found typically ends up in the exhaust systems of cars. This is because the precious metal helps turn toxic pollutants into less harmful carbon dioxide and water vapor. You will also see palladium used in electronics, dentistry, and especially jewelry.

Most of the world’s palladium comes from Russia and South Africa. It’s usually extracted as a byproduct during the mining of platinum and nickel.

Why is it More Valuable Than Gold?

In short, the reason why Palladium is more valuable than gold is that the former metal hasn’t responded to growing demand more than the latter. The usage of palladium is increasing since many governments are attempting to crack down on pollution from vehicles. In China, especially, automakers are forced to increase the amount of precious metals they use for catalytic converters.

Why is The Price Rising?

As mentioned above, the global demand for palladium hasn’t been met for quite some time. And experts agree that it won’t continue to meet global demand for a while.

Because it’s a secondary product of platinum and nickel extraction, miners are unable to increase its output in response to rising prices. And because of this, 2020 might be the 9th year in a row where palladium demand is unmet. This is determined due to South Africa – which produces around 40% of the world’s supply – likely being unable to increase output once again.

Also, because countries have been demanding more of palladium for cars, other parties have seen the potential in this metal’s value. This has resulted in thefts of vehicle’s catalytic converters (where the metal is stored). And due to this thievery, more and more of the precious metal has been demanded.

Want to Invest in Palladium? Contact William Youngerman

If you find the investment potential of palladium intriguing and wish to purchase or even sell it, call William Youngerman in Boca Raton today. William Youngerman is very passionate about the values of precious metals. In his business, you’ll find that he can assist you in the sales of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion, coins, and jewelry. For any inquires, you may call William Youngerman at 1-800-327-5010 or visit our contact page.

Valuable Coins You Probably Have in Your Pocket Right Now

If you’ve ever been interested in taking up coin collecting, it may seem daunting at first to find rare and/or valuable coins to take into your possession or to sell. There are so many of them and you probably wouldn’t even know where to begin. But worry not. If you actually dig through your pockets of loose change, you might actually just have a few valuable coins you can start off with. There are many valuable coins out in the world that for you to already have some in your possession isn’t at all entirely unlikely. There are so many, in fact, that there’d be too much to list here. But we’ve listed a few down below that William Youngerman would probably be more than happy to purchase from you.

2000 Sacagawea “Cheerios” Dollar

As part of a promotion to raise awareness for the new golden dollar, Cheerios had inserted Sacagawea dollar coins into every 2000th box of cereal for patrons to collect.  This was performed in the early 2000s and a countless amount of these coins were spreading throughout the US, with only a few actually still be held onto today. The difference between these coins versus regular Sacagawea Dollars is that the “Cheerio” coin actually has a more detailed pattern on the tail of the eagle. These coins can be sold for at least $5,000.

2004 U.S. Wisconsin Extra Leaf Quarter

In late 2004, a coin collector had actually noticed that there was an extra leaf on the ear of corn on a Wisconsin state quarter. Later, it was determined that there were two variations of this coin: One with an “extra high leaf” and one with an “extra low leaf.”

It’s not known why this difference exists, but it’s widely believed that it was a deliberate design alteration. About 8,000 of these coins are believed to exist and you can sell them for at least $3,000.

2008 U.S. Reverse of 2007 Silver Eagle Dollar

What makes this coin unique is that a production error was made unto the coin and it wasn’t discovered until after 45,000 of them were produced. Most of these 2008 coins were stuck with the “pre-2008 design”; the reason why these coins are valuable. What distinguishes these coins from the other design is the missing serif on the lower right side of the U. If you bargain a good price on these, you can be lucky enough to sell these at just under $3,000.

1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar

This is actually the first dollar coin issued by the US federal government and the size and weight of it was based on the Spanish dollar. This coin was popular in trade throughout the Americas. It’s not very often that you come across a coin this old and in almost perfect condition (in fact, you may never find it in your pocket) but if you do happen to have it, you can sell this coin for a very valuable price.

2007 U.S. Missing Edge Lettering Presidential Dollar

Also comically known as the “godless dollar”, these coins are deemed valuable because they were accidentally produced without the edge inscription “In God We Trust.” Although millions of these coins were produced, they only seem to appear from Philadelphia. Out of all the coins listed in this blog, this is the least valuable. But you can still sell them at a hefty amount of $50 each.

Sell Your Valuable Coins to William Youngerman

If you’re lucky enough to have any of these coins in your pockets or lying around somewhere in your home and you’re looking to make some extra cash, then don’t hesitate to sell that to William Youngerman of South Florida. William Youngerman has developed his passion and deep knowledge of coins through decades of industry experience and if you’re looking to add to your collection of coins, he can help you with that, too. For any inquiries, you may call us at  1-800-327-5010 or visit our contact page.

What is Palladium & Why Should You Invest In It?

It’s a metal you’ve probably never heard of before and you might be thinking to yourself, “why would I want to invest in it?” The metal seems foreign to you and purchasing it might not seem like a great idea. That is, until, you see its value. Palladium, as it turns out, might be the absolute best investment you could make right now. Its price has been soaring for the past few years and experts seem to agree that buying palladium would be one of the most significant purchases you can make. Continue reading below to see what makes this metal so valuable and why you should buy it.

What is Palladium?

Palladium is a white material that is one of the four precious metals and also one of the six platinum-group metals. It’s most popular use is its appliance in automobile converters to reduce pollution. It’s also used in electronics, dentistry, and jewelry. What makes it underrated as an investment opportunity is that it’s tremendously unknown to many potential buyers. It’s usually shadowed by gold’s popularity despite it being much more valuable.

Why is it so Valuable?

The main reason why the metal is valuable is that it’s highly demanded by the automobile industry. As pollution regulations are getting tighter, many automobile companies are required to reduce the emissions of their products. China especially – being notorious for its pollution – has placed tighter restrictions on automobile companies, forcing businesses to utilize more of the precious metal. Supply, however, has not been able to keep up in demand for at least nine years and experts believe we’ll see palladium prices skyrocket again in 2020. Its dependency has become so common that it’s now more valuable than gold.

Why is Supply so Tight?

Because palladium is a byproduct to platinum or nickel, producers can’t respond quickly enough to price changes. Due to the supply of palladium not possibly being able to meet demand again this year, prices are projected to continue soaring. Also, because Russia and South Africa are the major sources of palladium mining, both countries have been facing supply disruptions. Palladium supplies are highly susceptible to mine production halts and political disruptions, hence why prices have been sharply increasing over the past few years.

Get Your Palladium From William Youngerman

Though rare, many businesses can offer consumers palladium items for purchase. One such business happens to be William Youngerman in Boca Raton, Florida. Since 1967, William Youngerman has been offering services in coin dealing for customers on both a national and international scale. If you wish to purchase or sell your palladium – or any precious metal, for that matter – from a trusted business, look no further than William Youngerman. To schedule for an appointment, call us at (561) 368-7707 or visit our contact page.

Why and How to Invest in Platinum

It wasn’t until the early 19th century when Platinum was regarded as a precious metal by Spanish explorers. Before then Platinum was seen as a nuisance during the mining for gold. Miners who have come across this metal back then believed it to be “unripe” and counterfeit gold. Platinum’s worthlessness was due to the fact that it was difficult to melt and so, for centuries, it was never regarded as a precious metal.

The times have changed, however, and platinum is being used more so today than it was back then. It’s most popular use is in jewelry but it has also been used in automobile converters and formed into coins. Platinum is continued in being researched due to its electrical conductivity, resistance to corrosion, extremely high melting point, and high durability.

The possibilities for the purpose of platinum allow it to be an excellent choice for investors as its demand could likely increase substantially in later years. But what other factors contribute to its value? Why and how do you invest in platinum? 

Continue reading below to see why investing in platinum is the ideal investment choice and how you should go about doing it.

It is a Precious Metal

Gold and silver are bought by investors due to the products’ ability to retain their value. Likewise, platinum is also able to keep its value because it has been dubbed as a precious metal. The prices for platinum will always fluctuate but because there’s only a finite amount of it in the world, it will never decrease in value. Also, in today’s world, where a majority of our economic systems and finances are stored in computers, investing and owning platinum would be an ideal backup plan. In any chaotic economic strife, precious metals will always be needed.


Platinum is a very rare metal. In fact, it’s even more rare than gold. It’s been said that if you were to take all the platinum ever mined in history, the amount would be no bigger than a small 2-car garage. It’s guaranteed that the financial value of platinum will rise when resources for it become scarce.

How do You Invest in it?

Of course, for you to make an investment, you must purchase the product of your choice first. But how do you go about purchasing platinum? And how do you know if you’re offered the best price for it? Also, is it expensive? The answer to that last question is yes and no.

Gold is a very expensive commodity and investing in it can be difficult for anyone that doesn’t belong to the wealthy class. If you don’t necessarily have the best finances, then perhaps silver would be your best bet – it’s relatively cheap. 

But platinum is slightly different. It’s a based median that offers anyone who is fairly well-off a chance to invest. Its value, as of now, is in close range to be $1,000 per ounce. It’s still an expensive price, but compared to gold, you’re better off starting your investments with the “less” precious of the precious metals. 

As anyone will probably tell you, it’s always important that you do your research first. You may first want to average out a price for platinum and look into various facilities that offer it and see how you can negotiate a price. You can either purchase platinum in person or online. But it’s preferred if you do it in person.

Interested? Contact William Youngerman Inc.

If you happen to live in the South Florida area and you are interested in investing through platinum, consider contacting William Youngerman Inc. William Youngerman Inc. has been dealing in precious metal investments for nearly 50 years and they’ve even been contributors to two of the world’s most regarded reference books on world gold: Krause-Mishler and Friedberg. If interested, call us at (561) 368-7707, or visit our contact page.

Why Gold Bullion Is Your Best Investment

While stocks and bonds rise and fall depending on company earnings, investing in gold remains one of the most stable purchases you can make.

Gold bullion is the precious metal itself, only the gold is formed into an ingot, bar, or even specific types of coins to buy and sell. Since gold bullion is the material, the value of gold bullion retains its value better than other forms of currency. It’s this price stability and steady value that makes gold bullion the go-to emergency currency for governments and private citizens around the world.

What Determines the Value of Gold?

When it comes to the actual valuation of gold bullion, it’s determined by the purity of the precious metal, as well as the volume found in the bullion itself. The gold market relies on supply and demand to settle the purchase price and the sale price. Gold bullion as a commodity is reliant on the supply and demands of jewelry design and manufacturing, as well as the purchase of physical gold (in the form of bullion, specialized gold coins, or ingots) as a so-called safe haven investment.

What Is Gold Bullion?

Gold bullion is regarded as a reliable investment due to it being viewed as a universal, although finite, currency. Once, bank-backed paper money was linked to gold, with the number of bills printed equaling the amount of gold stored in their vaults. While the majority of modern currencies are what’s called fiat currency (meaning that the value of the currency is backed by the government that issued it), central banks around the globe continue to hold gold bullion in reserve.

The reason for this is that gold has proven to hold its value during tough financial times, such as the 2007—2009 recession. While the S&P 500 index fell over 35 percent, the price of gold increased in comparison, rising to over 25 percent of its previous value. (The S&P 500 is a product by Standard & Poors (S&P), a global rating company. The index is a measurement of the stock performance of 500 of the world’s largest companies.)

Is Gold Bullion An Investment?

As gold is considered a common currency, many investors view buying gold bullion as a form of savings, as opposed to a typical investment. Additionally, the purchase price of investment-grade legal tender coins (which are the specialty gold coins traded on the market) is generally lower than the quoted spot price. The spot price is the value of what’s referred to as spot goods.

The Two Common Types of Commodities

  • Spot Goods: are commodities that are immediately available. This availability means these commodities are immediately ready for delivery to the investor, as opposed to commodities known as futures.

  • Futures: Also known as futures contracts, these commodities are scheduled to come available designated months ahead on the calendar, meaning the investor won’t have access to the commodities until the specified time.

Why You Should Consider Gold Bullion

Gold bullion, gold specialty coins, and gold ingots are on hand and ready to be picked up by the investor. There’s no delay and the investor has their financial insurance in hand.

Purchasing gold bullion is a more reliable way of ensuring your wealth, as well as the wealth of your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on. The gold market is regulated and offers different ways to own precious metal, making buying gold easy.

Tips On Buying Gold Bullion, Gold Ingots, or Gold Specialty Coins

When you considering acquiring gold bullion, make sure that you find an accredited, reputable dealer. Many dealers will mark up their gold coin, gold ingot, and gold bullion prices to pass costs along to you, the customer. Thankfully, finding a trustworthy dealer is made easy, especially if you live in the Palm Beaches.

William Youngerman, Inc. has been selling and buying gold bullion and numismatic gold coins for over fifty years. William Youngerman specializes in independent third-party traded coins from the United States and around the world. As a noted member of several local associations, as well as state and national organizations dedicated to safeguarding the trade of gold, the team at William Youngerman maintains superior levels of integrity, customer service, industry knowledge, and timely payments.

When dealing with the experts at William Youngerman — including the founder, Bill Youngerman — you can be assured that your gold is fairly priced and of high quality. Learn more about the gold bullion available by visiting the William Youngerman showroom in >Boca Raton today.

You can also call William Youngerman toll-free at 1-800-327-5000 or use the convenient, online form to reach out with any questions you might have.

What’s The Difference Between Gold and Silver Bullion Coins and Numismatic Coins?

Those who are new to coin collecting, as a hobby, as an investment, or both, may be unfamiliar with the terms bullion and numismatic and their meanings when it comes to coins. The specialists at William Youngerman, Inc. are always at the ready to share their years of training and experience to help newcomers and veterans alike learn more about the trade of coins.

What Is Gold and Silver Bullion?

To those well outside the world of buying and selling rare coins, the word bullion may evoke images of gleaming bars of pure gold or silver stockpiled in a heavily guarded military base. When it comes to coin collecting, gold and silver bullion coins are a literal, tangible asset the same as money. In this sense, they are similar to those ingots in that there is an everlasting value based on the market value of the precious metal itself.

In fact, bullion has its own global market for trading — New York, Zurich, and Tokyo have bullion markets, with the largest market being in London. The gold and silver bullion market is only one of the ways that gold and silver can be invested in. It is also generally considered to be a so-called hedge or safe-haven investment against inflation as it historically maintains its value over time (though it should be noted that safe havens can change from one period of market volatility to the next).

What Are Numismatic Coins?

Where gold and silver bullion have actual value, numismatic coins are either rare coins or purely collectible coins based on different criteria. In many instances, numismatic coins aren’t valuable outside of the actual value of any gold or silver content found in the coin itself. The word numismatics is defined as, “the study of collection of coins, tokens, and paper money”*. So, in short, while gold and silver bullion coins are collected both as a hobby and an investment, numismatic coins are generally collected as a hobby.

Want to Get Started with Bullion or Numismatic Coins?

Are you looking to get started with gold and silver bullion coins? Do you need expert advice and guidance with market insights and suggestions as to which coin is right for you? Or are you more of a hobbyist who already has a set of coins, or perhaps has inherited some coins, and is in need of an appraisal? The experienced, professional coin dealers at William Youngerman, Inc. have a variety of services available for your collecting and investing needs. Call us toll-free at 1-800-327-5010 or contact us via our easy-to-use online form.

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Collecting Coins

A hobby is a regular activity done for enjoyment, typically during one’s leisure time. Collecting coins can become the hobby of a lifetime when you discover the various benefits it can offer. You can make money with this hobby by collecting coins that hold a great market value. This is one of many key benefits that aren’t offered with other hobbies. If you think about it,  collecting coins is more than a hobby, it an investment that offers a variety of benefits.

Your Coin Collection Grows Valuable Over Time

The hobby of coin collecting is a very efficient utilization of your spare time. It lets you indulge in something creative rather than wasting your valuable time. But your coin collection can definitely turn into a source of income for you. You can earn money from a coin by Selling your rare coins to local coin dealers such as William Youngerman. William Youngerman is always looking out for rare and good condition coins. You can fulfill their demands for such unique coins and earn handsome cash too!

Opportunities to Purchase Different Coins

Coin collecting is different from other hobbies because it gives you a large number of coins to collect and choose from. If you are looking for the best coins to collect look no further, William Youngerman provides the best coins. From United States Gold Eagle to Viet Nan Tien we sell coins from a variety of places around the world. William Youngerman is your one-stop shop for rare and gold coins.

Are you ready to start collecting coins?

Collecting can be both rewarding and profitable ventures. To meet our expert coin dealers and get started, schedule an appointment with William Youngerman Inc today! We’re also more than happy to help determine the value of your current coin collection. We offer flexible hours for appointments with both weekends and evening time slots available.

Collecting Paper Currency Vs. Gold Coins

At William Youngerman Inc, we buy and sell various forms of currency including rare paper currency, national bank notes, and more in Boca Raton, Fl. Collecting paper currency can be an excellent hobby for someone interested in owning a piece of history. This hobby can be just as rewarding and fun, revealing a treasured global history equal to coin collecting.

Difference Between Collecting Paper Currency Vs. Gold Coins

Coin collecting and paper money collecting may strike non-money collectors as one and the same, but — as those inside the hobbies know — they really are two very different animals that do still manage to share several commonalities. While coins may only slightly fade or degrade over time, paper money is fragile and easily damaged. Coin and currency dealers frequently assess paper currency “grades” that vary according to its condition, noting any visible damage such as tears, ink inconsistencies, or folds. At William Youngerman in Boca Raton, we have world gold coins, US Gold Coins, and Paper Currency that you can add to your collection.

Benefits of Collecting Paper Currency and Coins

Even though hobbies can serve up some wonderful benefits, most hobbies are costly with not that much return on investment. Coin and paper currency collecting, on the other hand, is one hobby that can actually make you money. This also means that it’s a good hobby to try out and see if you like it. If you feel that coin and paper currency collecting is not for you, then you can have the opportunity to get all your money and maybe show some profit when you decide to sell your coins. You can buy or sell rare coins and paper currency in Boca Raton at William Youngerman.

Either way, you go about it, collecting paper currency, coins, or both (as many do), is a way to express your appreciation of and interest in our nation’s social and economic history while giving you the chance to make money. Don’t miss out on the chance to collect a piece of history while doing a hobby that you love.

Are you Ready to  Start Collecting Rare Coins and Paper Currency?

Paper money and coin collecting can both be rewarding and profitable ventures. To meet our expert coin dealers and get started, schedule an appointment with William Youngerman Inc today! We’re also more than happy to help determine the value of your current paper currency collection. We offer flexible hours for appointments with both weekends and evening time slots available.