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Hong Kong Gold Coins

Buy and Sell Hong Kong Gold Coins and Currency

William Youngerman buys and sells Hong Kong gold coins and currency along with rare coins from other countries around the world. The official coin of Hong Kong would be the Hong Kong dollar which is divided into 100 cents, similar to the U.S. dollar. Some of the first Hong Kong coins introduced were in 1963, when 1 and 10 cent coins were introduced. In 1866 5 cent, 20 cent, half dollar and dollar coins were minted. Many of Hong Kong’s gold coins feature Queen Elizabeth, but these have since been discontinued and replaced with the Bauhinia flower. Our most common sellers are the Hong Kong gold $1,000 coins.

If you are interested in purchasing Hong Kong gold coins browse our selection above. If we don’t have the coin that you are looking for in stock, give one of our rare coin experts a call and we’ll see if we have the gold coin from Hong Kong that you are looking for. If you are looking to sell your collection of Hong Kong gold coins, we offer on-site grading and appraisals, and will give you an immediate written offer on the spot. Call us today at 1-800-327-5010.

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