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Buy Silver Bullion and Silver Bars

Silver bullion, and also silver bars, is one of the most popular forms of investing in previous metals in the World today. Similar to those looking to invest in gold, those looking to invest in silver bullion or silver bars see that silver is a precious metal that has held and increased its value over the course of time. When compared to gold and other types of precious metals, those looking to buy silver bullion or silver bars enjoy the fact that silver bullion is more affordable and can be purchased at smaller investment amounts as opposed to the price of gold. Ounce for ounce, silver bullion, regardless if it is silver bars, silver coins or silver rounds, will be less expensive than the precious metal gold.

For investors looking to get started in investing in silver bullion, or the seasoned investors who are just looking to buy silver bullion to add to their existing portfolio, the silver bullion experts at William Youngerman can help and assist you with you purchase. With a wealth of experience in the precious metals industry, the silver bullion experts at William Youngerman have been assisting investors and collectors for decades and look forward to working with you on your next purchase.

When it comes to investing in silver bullion, many people think that the way to go is to buy silver bars but, in fact, there are actually three main types of silver bullion available. The three main types of silver bullion or silver bars (sometimes viewed as the most popular type of silver bullion to invest in), silver coins (a great investment that can also hold historical collectability) and silver rounds. Below you will find an explanation and details of each of these three types of silver bullion.

Buy Silver Bars – Silver Bars for Investing

When it comes to investing in silver bullion, silver bars are the main way that individuals purchase their silver bullion. Silver bars come in a variety of different weights which allows investors in silver bullion to find the right weight for the size of their investment. Another huge benefit in investing in silver bullion by buying silver bars is the price over spot as compared to other silver bullion such as silver coins. While not always the case, usually the price over spot in silver bars is much less than that in silver coins. This is due to the historical side of silver coins which most silver bars do not have. Silver bars are usually just that, bars of silver, while silver coins can be historical and hold more value.

Buy Silver Coins – Rare Silver Coins

When it comes to buying silver bullion, one of the most unique options is to buy silver coins! With investing in silver coins, you are getting your silver bullion but also acquiring a historic coin. Silver coins hold both the investment value (the weight of the silver coin) but also the collectible value. The collectible value of silver coins depends completely on the specific silver coin you are looking at. Some silver coins may not be so collectible at the moment (newer silver coins) but can increase in collectible value over time while other silver coins are extremely collectible now and in some cases, are worth more as a collectible than as silver bullion.

Buying Silver Rounds – Investing in Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are another option to purchasing and investing in silver bullion. For those interested in buying silver rounds but unsure of the differences in them as compared to other types of silver bullion, silver rounds are actually very similar to silver bars. What makes silver rounds different than silver bars is that silver rounds are usually found at lower weights (usually under one ounce) as opposed to the higher weights found in silver bars. Silver rounds can be a good option for those looking to invest in silver bullion but not looking to invest a large amount of money.

If you are interested in silver bullion or investing in the various types of silver bullion, we welcome you to view our selection. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our silver bullion experts are here to help you with any question you might have.

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