Graded Silver Eagles

11.19.14 11:53am est
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Buy and Sell American Silver Eagles

American Silver Eagles are silver bullion coins minted by the United States government with a face value of $1. They are one of the most sought after collectible coins because of their beautiful design and 99.9% silver bullion make up. Silver Eagles are a wise investment when you don’t want to worry about the inflation of paper currency because they are backed by the value of their silver.

The original American Silver Eagle was released in 1986. It comes in the size of one-troy-ounce, which ways 31.103 grams and has a diameter of 40.6 mm. The bullion versions of the Silver Eagle have been minted from 1986 until present.

The design of the American Silver Eagle features the ever popular “Walking Liberty” by Adolph A. Weinman. The design was produced in 1916 and has been one of the most popular designs of any collectible coin in history.

Why Buy and Sell American Silver Eagles With William Youngerman?

Silver is a precious metal that maintains its value very well, as opposed to paper currency which suffers from inflation. According to apmex.com, an ounce of silver now buys about the same amount of goods now as it did 30 years ago, which “you can’t say about the American dollar”. It is a wise investment for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio and add some stable investments that are sure to maintain/increase their value over a long period of time. Call William Youngerman today to purchase American Silver Eagles or to have yours appraised or sold.

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